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Xinjiang Jiangewang Fleece Products Co., Ltd. is situated in Hoboksar Mongol Autonomous County which has long been known as 'Jianggar hometown'. The company was descended from the County Fleece Clothing Factory, which was initially founded in 1986, and it was reestablished and was renamed Jiangewang Fleece Products Co., Ltd. of Hoboksar Mongol Autonomous County in 2008. The leading product of the company is first-class camel quilt series, and we also have products include vest, camel trousers, sleeping bag. It is a professional company engages in the design, production, marketing and brand operation of fleece products. The company is situated in First Caoyuan District, East of Aobaote Street, Hoboksar County, Xinjiang Province, China with the registered capital of 18.57 million Yuan RMB. The company occupies an area of 13542sqm, and the housing construction area of 1262sqm, among which the office area is 302sqm, production plant and workshop is 559sqm, storehouse is 165sqm, boiler room is 118sqm, dormitory is 118sqm, the company also has complete electric power, water supply and drainage equipment and heating equipment, etc. The company has sound organization and we have heavily invested in inviting the technicians from the mainland for the scientific research and development. At present, the company has 46 employees, and it can be divided into president, general manager office, executive office, financial department, department of technology, production department, sales department and other organizations.
The company has the self-owned 'Saiyue' brand, e-business and web service platform, the orientation of the company is to research and develop high-end camel hair products by the limited raw, ecological, rare and high cold camel hair resources. Camel hair fiber is known as 'soft gold', the raw material of the 'Saiyue' camel quilt is the abdominal hair of the camel which is raised above the attitude of 1600 meters in Hoboksar, the test approves that the fiber length and fineness of the camel hair are all of high quality. Camel quilt fabric is full of national traits, has the traditional and fashion elements, we create our brand by combining the traditional and actual culture. The 'Saiyue' brand products have won the 1986-1989 year new product prize of the autonomous region; and in 1998, won 'new technology product golden cup prize' in National Spark Development Patent Exposition. By our efforts, our company has passed the Quality Management System GB/T19001-2008 Certificate, Environmental Management System GB/T24001-2004 Certificate, Occupational Health & Safety Management System GB/T28001-2001 Certificate. In 2010, our company was evaluated as agriculture industrialization leading enterprise and the most fast growing enterprise of the autonomous region.
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Jiangewang Fleece Products Co., Ltd. of Hoboksar Mongol Autonomous County Telephone: 13629978488, 099-6710982, 13619993568, 099-6710981 Fax: 099-6710981
Address: Caoyuan Road, Ziyi District,Hoboksar Town, Hoboksar Mongol Autonomous County, Tacheng Prefecture, Xinjiang Province, China